Using IT – and loving it!

Will, I know you love using IT just like your daddy. Often when you come into Nursery in the morning you head straight for the computers in the Blue room. You are very proficient using a mouse now (and also a track-pad, according to your dad). This means that you are able to navigate the websites we use in Nursery with ease. You often ask for Poisson Rouge – I know that it has a range of activities that you enjoy and that you can access independently, which is important for you. When I forget where one particular activity is you can often show me! Thank you for your help.

Your daddy is never very far from your mind in Nursery – I loved the way you explained why you chose to decorate a D rather than a W during a recent art activity (“D is for Daddy and my daddy is called Doug” you told me). You are always very excited when he comes into the classroom and you were particularly excited to be involved in the first movie-making project that he led in Nursery. In fact it was your movie (the one that you made at home with your daddy) that first inspired us to make movies in Nursery. Do you remember when we showed your home movie for the first time? I do. It was a pleasure to watch you glowing with pride as the movie played. You wanted to tell us all about it in the circle and your enthusiasm was infectious – lots of your friends wanted to make one too. So your dad came in to help us.

W/c 15/10/12

When the day came to make a movie with some of your Nursery friends I was not at all surprised that you loved getting involved. You chose the cow as your puppet and paired up with Aila who chose the pig. You were really excited when it was your turn to get behind the puppet theatre and start to use your puppet. You walked your puppet along following the thread of the story and your daddy voiced the words for you. While you were enthusiastic to get involved, I felt that you were not as comfortable using your puppet in the puppet theatre as you had seemed using the toy animals in the film you made at home.  I wondered if you were a little stage-struck. You definitely looked more comfortable behind the camera filming Lucy’s and Lee’s movie.

W/c 29/10/12

Two weeks later your daddy came back into Nursery again, this time to work with a different group of children. I expected you would want to go with the second group, and you did. This was not a problem as you were so sensible about letting the others have their turn. I was impressed!

W/c 16/11/12

Very recently your daddy came into class to teach you and your friends again, this time to introduce the iPads. You were keen to go with him and enjoyed taking part in the first group. When your group’s time was up, you accepted that you had had your turn and you were ready and willing to share your daddy with the rest of the children. I guess you know that you are the only one who gets to take him home!

What this means

Will, I am so impressed with how you handle your emotions when your dad comes into Nursery and when he has to leave. You clearly enjoy having your dad around but recognise that he can’t stay all day. It can be quite hard for many children to say goodbye to their parents when they come into Nursery but you have a very mature attitude and seem to be able to separate easily when it is time for him to leave or to work with another group. When you are really keen to work with him and he is due to work with a different group of children (like during the second film project) it is great that you are able to take a listening and watching role without interrupting the work of the other children. This shows that you are able to share and take turns with others.

Your interest in the film project also shows me that you enjoy using IT for a purpose. You enjoyed operating the iPod Touch to record the puppets in action in order to make the film to share your group’s work with the rest of the class. In a similar way when I am using a camera (or when you are taking photos) you want to see the photo and look at what it shows. Then you often want to show it to someone else, to share the scene you have just recorded. It is not just the act of taking the photo, but reviewing it and sharing it with others that is important.

You have a great vocabulary, Will, and although I think you were a little stage struck during the film project you have contributed many great ideas to our Nursery class. For an example, on the first day you saw our yellow den you said it was “incredible” and described it first as a cave, then as a tent; either way it was “a big hole where people go inside”. When we were critiquing the den you told me that it was a comfortable place to be and that you liked sitting there. You explained that you liked it because it was “not bright inside”.  I have noticed that you don’t generally rush into speaking, you think first, then share your idea and explain your reasoning.

Opportunities and Possibilities

I will continue to provide Will with opportunities to work in small groups so that he can develop his relationships with the other Nursery children in his play. This may be through other IT projects or applications, such as Puppet Pals on the iPads, which will enable him to develop his storytelling with a friend in the IT environment that he so enjoys.

I will also encourage him to retell his stories to me or to his other teachers for us to record in writing. As an alternative, I would also like to explore the possibility of setting up a recording area where he can record his stories and thoughts verbally. Perhaps he could be our IT “expert” and help record the stories of other children too?


2 thoughts on “Using IT – and loving it!

  1. We remember reading this some time ago Will but forgot to leave a comment! Granny Sue and Poppa are impressed with your IT knowledge. It astounds Poppa at times. You are so quick to pick things up! We certainly know that you also enjoy putting on puppet shows! We have been an audience for you many times when you visit us in Australia. Granny sue is so looking forward to visiting you next week and hopes to be able to visit your Panda group and see all the wonderful things you do.

  2. Dear Will,

    I was so excited to read about how you are using IT in your classroom. Did you know I use IT in my classroom too? I remember making movies with you when I was living in Beijing – do you remember Godzilla knocking down the tower? It is wonderful to see you taking your great ideas from home to WAB! How lucky your classmates are to have you teach and learn with them!

    Much love from India,
    Uncle Owen

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