Today, Friday 31st May, was your first Student Led Conference Day (SLC). It was such a fun and exciting day and you really enjoyed being the teacher and showing your mum and dad what you have learnt and your favourite learning areas in the classroom. We took some photos of you during SLC day – you can see these below.

Before the day you helped prepare in the following ways:

  • We voted for what we wanted the role-play area to be using the children’s suggestions and a picture graph – you chose a toy shop but you have been interested to play in the garage and pirate ship which were the most popular choices 
  • We voted for which turn taking game to put out using hoops and our pictures on the blocks – you chose the Shapes game
  • We made books to share with you and some of us made junk models of the characters in our books – you made a book about dolphins
  • You chose some art work to display and told us about what you had painted
  • You helped make the play dough and decide what colour to make it
  • We practised taking pictures on the Ipad so we can take a photograph of the parents in the classroom on SLC day
  • You helped make the train table following plans we had made and testing these ideas before deciding on a final design
  • We all chose one or two of our favourite books to put in the book corners in each classroom (you can see your choices on the photo)
  • We made junk models to display in our cubbies – you made a dog and a dolphin

You also thought about which learning areas you were most excited to share with your parents and decided how to mark them on the SLC sheet (you can see your choices on the photo).

We made a memory book of SLC Day. We have included your photograph and picture (you can see these and your parents comment in the photos below).

Will, you have grown up so much this year. We will always remember you for thoughtful questions and gorgeous smile.

We wish you well as you continue your learning journey.

With love,

Ali, Cath, Danae and Jenny


One thought on “SLC Day

  1. Willby,
    I had so much fun at your SLC! I loved sharing in all your favourite activities and seeing how much pleasure and stimulation you get from your time at school. You have had the most tremendous year with amazing teachers guiding you and providing wonderful opportunities to inspire, challenge, connect and make a difference 🙂

    Can you believe you will be in Pre-K next year?! Amazing!

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