Caring, Communicator, Inquirer, Knowledgeable

Will, every day in the nursery classroom you show us you are a knowledgeable communicator. There are so many things you know and you like to share these with your teachers and friends. You know lots of big words and names, for instance when your Daddy came in on 25th January to show you how to take photos he asked if anyone knew the name of the stand we were going to put the camera on – you did, “It’s a tripod.” Each day you know which day of the week it is, sometimes in the morning circle you are shy about sharing this knowledge but on Friday 1st February you told us all in a big, confident voice, “It’s Friday!” You then went round the circle counting all the children (there were 19 children in school that day). Aila was lying on the carpet and very politely you said, “Aila, please can you sit up so I can count you,” and she did. One day in the piazza you took all the numbered carpet tiles and lined them up in order. On 18th February when you were playing in the cafe you said, “It’s going to be ready in 10minutes (and then counted backwards 10 – 0) Bing! That’s my order!” On the 1st of February you brought one of the Chinese and English number lines to me and you said each number in turn in Chinese and English. On the 30th January in the piazza you enjoyed playing the boggle letter game. You recognised the letters in fox, pie, cake and fan and you found these letters and matched them on the board.

You like to ask questions showing you are inquiring and want to know more. When you were playing in the cafe on 18th February you asked, “What’s this?” for all the food items you didn’t recognise. Your questions are not just about facts, sometimes they are about ideas or concepts. When we read ‘Mouse Paint’ you saved your questions for the end then said, “Ms.Ali, I have 3 questions – 1. How do you mix white, 2 – How do you mix black and 3 – how do you mix blue”. I tried to answer these questions by talking about primary colours. You were interested but many of your friends found this difficult to think about. When I mentioned this to Daddy he said you really liked testing hypotheses. So on the 31st of January I invited you to think about how we could mix black and to give it a go. I opened the paint cupboard and asked you what your hypothesis was, you told me a hypothesis was “an idea to test” and that you needed, “pink, green, yellow, blue and purple” to mix black. You tried this and made a sludgey green. I wondered what else you would want to add and I asked you how you thought you could make it darker and more like black. You said, “Add white” and you tried this. You were surprised when it was a lighter and you almost lost interest at this point but I suggested you had one more go. You chose to add brown and when you had mixed it you said it was ‘peanut-butter’ colour. I asked if you thought you could mix black and you said no. Then you spotted the black paint in the cupboard and said, “We could use that!”

If I ask you a question sometimes you let me know you need a little more time, “I haven’t thinked yet” – this shows me you are a thinker. 

Will, you show that you care for your friends and family. You talk about your Mummy, Daddy and Charlie and sometimes other friends and relatives. On several occasions you have enjoyed making cards and pictures to show this love. You are polite and kind to your friends and good at sharing. You show your friends you care by asking if they are OK and offering them things when you play alongside them. On 20th February when we did our morning circle you made space for Myron. On 19th February you greeted Lucy in the morning with a big hug and kiss. On 26th February you and Aila went through all the blocks with photos of the Pandas on them and talked about each child’s name in turn saying they were your friends. These are other ways you show your friends you care.

1st March – The past two weeks you have really enjoyed acting out the ‘Princess Long Ago’ song and “It’s The Bear’ story. Whatever role you played in ‘It’s the Bear’ you tried to echo some of the words as I read them.

What it means:

Will, you know many things, you know lots of words, you know your letters and you know that letters can be put together to make words. You know how to count people of objects up to at least 20. You know the order of numbers (backwards and forwards and in English and Chinese) as well as how to count.

I think you know that asking questions is a way to find out more and you love discovering new facts and ideas.  You have an inquiring mind and you love the adults around you to answer your many questions. You can understand quite difficult concepts and show you are thinking about them by asking more questions.

Will, you have such lovely manners and you treat everyone politely and with respect. We love watching and experiencing your interactions with the people you care about.

You continue to enjoy role play in the class-room and you are becoming more confident performing in front of the group, whether that is putting on a play of the story, “It’s the Bear” or feeding back during our reporting circle.

Opportunities and Possibilities:

We will continue to plan provocations and invitations for Will based on his interests, to encourage him to develop his writing, number, stories and role-play further. We will also continue to look for opportunities for Will to test some of his ideas as he did with the colour mixing. Please let us know more about any new interests or ideas/hypotheses Will develops so we can build on them, and where possible, test or try them out in class.


2 thoughts on “Caring, Communicator, Inquirer, Knowledgeable

  1. Dear Will,

    I really enjoyed reading about how your treat other people with kindness and respect. I also enjoyed reading about how you are becoming more confident performing in front of your class – you have such great ideas and vocabulary that I’m sure they enjoy what you share! I wish my 9th Graders were as good at sharing ideas as you are! Also, I am impressed that you like asking questions – by asking questions we can find out many different things! When I see you next I would love to hear something new that you have discovered.

    Lots of love,
    Uncle Owen

  2. Hi Will,
    So pleased that you are learning so much at school and then using what you have learned in many different ways. I really agree with Uncle Owen that asking good questions is so important. We practise that most days here in my Grade 8 class at ISB. Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing more about your wonderful experiences at school.
    Grandad Jim

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